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Jesus Christ can change your life, and this book will show you how!!


Thank you sincerely for bearing with the length of these materials, and I pray the Lord impresses on your heart the biblical centrality of these three most-needed ministries—Evangelism, Relational Discipleship, and “Body Life”. I also hope He convicts you to IMPLEMENT them to the glory of God.


I was saved at age eight and became totally committed to Christ at age eighteen.

Having experienced the gracious love of a persistent Christian as a Freshman in College, who showed me interest and kept insisting I have a Quiet Time with him, my somewhat rebellious will finally consented. Though having gone to church all my life, for the first time I understood that my relationship with Jesus was to be maintained and developed, and that Christ-like character grows from meeting with Him daily, in Bible study and prayer. That intimacy SURPASSED the value of all lessons and sermons I had ever been taught!

After about a month, my commitment to this pleasurable investigation grew, and during the last three years of College, Bible study frequently lasted 3 or more hours a day. It helped to seriously date a gal whose denominational beliefs differed from mine, and whose father challenged me to prove-up what I believed and did not believe!

Shortly thereafter God called me into professional ministry. In 1982, I attended Seminary and earned a Master of Divinity degree in Missions-Evangelism from Southwestern Seminary. Later I studied Theology and New Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary.

In 1981 God called me (i.e., laid on my heart) to write a Commentary on the New Testament, which I have researched and written the past 25 years. Now over 5,000 pages long, the Commentary is a verse-by-verse interpretation, explaining various interpretive options, and describing the most likely and best choices, given standard hermeneutical principles, with reasons given for such choices, and extolling both the positives and negatives of the various alternative interpretations.

To supplement this understanding, a Topication was concurrently written (rough-draft), in which EVERY New Testament verse (and select Old Testament verses) on EVERY New Testament subject, alphabetically listed, has been gleaned, and put into categories teaching the Same, Similar, Different or Seemingly Opposite thing as the other verses, then summarizing that topic in a range of organized sub-teachings and harmonizing those subjects where seemingly opposite teachings are found. This Topication provides the “Forest-like” understanding of a given Bible topic, when one reads a controversial or difficult verse, while interpretation in the Commentary is more of a “Tree-like” view, with the ability to cross-reference that fuller subject when faced with any specific verse on that topic.

The most important portions of these two books are the topics of Evangelism and Discipleship. Having spent YEARS in personal and public evangelism, having been discipled by 2-3 people and associated ministries, my materials are the result of YEARS of intense search for the most immediately and significantly impactful subjects on Evangelism and Discipleship found in God’s word. This web site is the BEST OF all that research!

Having now completed the rough draft, editing it toward publication, I would love to start or join a ministry actively engaged in COMPLETING the Great Commission. If God should raise up enough believers who believe in the contents of this web site, I would be more than happy to spend the next 20 to 30 years (full- or part-time) doing any and as many of the following evangelistic activities as possible:


1. Strategically engage in Personal Evangelism door-to-door and/or face to face
a) With Pastors (as I’ve done several times)
b) To train laymen (their only observing, smiling and praying—initially).
c) With cameras, for evangelism training on the internet (ex.: God.Tube, U-Tube,
d) To complete one neighborhood at a time, in a given city or town (possibly videotaping      it for internet training and to inspire other communities to do the same).
1] By myself (if no one else will join the effort)
2] With evangelizors (my preferred manner)

2. Gospel Sign Ministry— Take my Gospel Signs to public events and religious/Christian events, to promote the Gospel and evangelism. These are 5 metal signs, 3 to 4 feet square, with professionalized exhortative messages either promoting Christian evangelism or stating the Gospel in approximately 15 words.

Already, THOUSANDS have read the Gospel at many events (usually 3,000 or more attending),  and large Christian churches and events have read strong exhortations reproving our 5% evangelismlessness disgrace.

I’d be willing to do this full-time, if needed and effective. Arthur Blessitt started his ministry with such a method (for a lifetime)! They could be taken to:

A) Churches—the Major 25 across Dallas-Fort Worth (My two sons and I did this at one of Dallas’ largest churches yesterday, for 1.5 hours, 2 hours after my 5 year old got saved!
(imagine that—my 5 year old the day of his conversion has done more for evangelism
than most American adult Christians!).
1) Saturday Nights (alternating between my Sunday School class)
2) Sunday Mornings (as I attend church on Saturday evenings).
3) Wednesday Evenings?
B) Denominational Events (ex.: Pastor’s Conferences), and
C) Major “Christian Events” (ex.: 6 Flags Christian Day, Promise Keepers, National Day of Prayer events, Christian rock concerts, big events at churches, etc.)
D) Major Secular Events—Texas Motor Speedway, State Fair, Mavericks’ playoffs, Cowboys’ opening game, political events, parades, (See: internet), Byron Nelson Golf Classic, etc.
E) Major Traffic Build-Up/Street Corners (ex.: rush hour)
F) Major Companies (as the majority arrive to or leave from the parking lot/garage).

3. Get video of the Gospel Signs—but more importantly personal evangelism experiences on my Web Site, U-Tube and (Digital Video), for training and motivational purposes.

4. Recruit Gospel Sign holders to man multiple church parking lot exits and exhort and evangelize at multiple, simultaneous churches. (i.e., I have signs to evangelize the lost, and signs to exhort Christians to evangelism—two ministries at one public location!).

5. Conduct motivational seminars for evangelism.

6. Meet with pastors to encourage execution of and offer a plan to reach every lost person
within 3 miles of their church.

7. Recruit evangelizers in a given city to converge to complete the first stage of the Great Commission in one neighborhood at a time, and BROADCAST those successful results to encourage others to do the same (using various media).

8. Recruit, train and manage evangelism results of the additional indigenous evangelists
needed in the 10/40 window, to ensure monies are not being squandered and that their efforts are as effective and efficient as possible.

9. Serve as Interim Pastor or Substitute (i.e., fill-in) Pastor to exhort to and train on evangelism.

10. Send materials to many churches suggesting they consider starting a Minister of
Evangelism (and Discipleship) position—on a TEMPORARY basis, or working for up to 3
churches at a time in these two vital ministries.

11. Apply for Pastor positions, in order to implement the Pastor Priority Plan listed in the “Bless the Evangelists!” section of this web site.

12. Speak as a special speaker to every Sunday School class in my home church (for starters). Unfortunately, possibly I have volunteered to conduct my “On Hell” lesson to take classes out evangelizing immediately, and am not willing to reach just a hand full who might be interested in evangelism, my services have yet to be needed. I’ve also volunteered to help implement the 3 mile Local Church Plan for Evangelism, with no reply, to date. Our head Pastor has been wonderful in preaching significantly on our need to evangelize— I’m simply seeking accountable implementation of his sermons!

13. Complete and publish my fuller book on evangelism and discipleship (and the New Testament) for more wide-spread publication of the need for these two ministries.

14. Associate with Evangelism Associations to try to coordinate efforts to avoid duplicity and flood an area with the Gospel (ex.: live, teleconferenced, multi-venued crusades).

15. Raise $375 per American church to fund the 10/40 evangelists needed to complete the Great Commission in this least evangelized part of the world.

16. Improve this web site with more of my and others’ evangelism materials, including
upgrading the Apologetics section.

17. Promote prayer-backing of world evangelism, and encouraging pastors in person to adopt a church-wide personal recruiting campaign to take laymen out evangelizing with them.

18. E-mail chain letter (and fax and/or voice mail) campaign to reach Christians with
evangelism exhortation and lost people with the Gospel.

19. Midnight Door Hanger tracts (for more efficient distribution, given so few workers), or
leaving evangelism exhorting tracts on church cars.

20. Organize ‘world events’ to get media attention for Christians standing for evangelism and promoting the Gospel message.

21. Teach ministers evangelism (including motivation).

22. Preach Crusades or doing “front man” duties for Evangelists.

23. Coordinate Great Commission completion projects for individual churches.

24. Speak on evangelism motivation at churches, seminaries, and groups of believers, pastor conferences, denominational gatherings, etc.

25. Possibly teaching Evangelism at 3 local seminaries, Ad Junct (i.e., part-time), or one-time speak at Bible Colleges and Seminary chapel services).

26. Coordinate follow-up efforts and enlisting a prayer-backing campaign.

27. Coordinate laymen evangelism efforts to avoid unnecessary duplicity can be avoided. Find and organize the efforts of evangelizors per given churches and attack one neighborhood at a time—(Broadcast the results!). Find Evangelism Explosion-type (i.e., actual evangelizors) people in DFW (then other cities) and take a neighborhood for the Gospel or conduct a public evangelism event.

28. Identify saved people in areas, so we know who not to “target,” in order to maximize limited evangelism resources.

29. Lead short-term mission trips. Recruit and train indigenous evangelists while there.

30. Increase the efficiency of Evangelists (i.e., strategic planning).

31. Take this ministry to other cities via the internet and traveling for speaking engagements! One of my most revered Bible teachers just implemented live weekly video-teleconferenced teaching sessions. Perhaps this technology could be used to exhort cities in evangelism.

32. Other. Doing any other significant duties (utilizing any skills or experience I have) directly causing increased evangelism efforts and affecting results. I will take your suggestions and comments into consideration to add to these duties, should I have the privilege of so doing.


Writing a 5,000+ page New Testament Commentary and Topication), funded by working as
an Attorney, Management Consultant and Advertising Broker (P-T 1996-2004, F-T 2007).

Taught Bible College students as Ad Junct Professor of Evangelism and New Testament at a local accredited Bible College--the College of Biblical Studies, Houston, TX.

Trained people in door-to-door evangelism (recruiting from business contacts, friends, family, seminary students, Christian lay persons and church staff members. (1999-2000, and sporadically since then)

Personally volunteered to lead and encouraged pastors of six large West Houston churches to implement a plan to reach all lost people in West Houston as soon as possible. (1999-2000)

Taught Discipleship materials to Cambodian pastors, and daily evangelized in Phnom Penh, Campuchia. (Global Missions Fellowship, November 1-12, 1996)

Engaged in personal evangelism in Huntsville, TX prison crusades. (Prisoner’s Bible Institute, 1985-1986)

Self-Supported Evangelist and Fund-Raiser, Bedford, TX (Fall 1986-1989)

Discipled and taught teenagers as a Southern Baptist Youth Minister (1985-1986), and three adults. (1997-2000)

Mission Trip to California Baptist College in College. (1978)

Taught college Bible studies (1979-1980), and evangelized my Professional Business Fraternity, as Chaplain. (1980-1981)

Trained in Evangelism Explosion. (Spring 1979)

Certified in Continuous Witness Training. (Spring 1985)

Licensed to the Ministry by First Baptist Church, Houston, TX (August 13, 1980)


M.Div., Southwestern Seminary, Fort Worth, TX (1985)
Dean’s List

Graduate Studies: Dallas Theological Seminary, Houston Extension Campus (1996-

J.D., Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX (1993)
Licensed to the State Bar of Texas (Inactive)
Legal Research Board
Mock Trial Octafinalist
Moot Court Octafinalist

M.B.A., Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX (1993)

B.B.A., Baylor University, Waco, TX (1981)
Dean’s List
Sigma Iota Epsilon Business Honor Society
Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity (Officer)

Graduate Studies in Architecture: University of Illinois (2006)
Texas A & M University (2005)
University of Houston (2004)

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