Open Letter to Christians
Who We Are
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Executive Summary
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Book Features:
"Body Life”
Relational Discipleship
Quiet Time
Biblical Motivation
Scripture Memory
Church Challenges
Great Commission
Lordship Salvation





Jesus Christ can change your life, and this book will show you how!


It is our desire to bless you with the book, Handbook for Living.  You can download it as a single book (in pdf format), with a simple click - HERE  It is a rather large file - (5.6 MB).

Or, you can download the book in sections, in smaller files. A brief summary of the material each part includes follows below:

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Summary of Sections:

A brief summary of the material each part includes follows below:

Part One:

1.  Introductory Matters
a) Open Letter to All Christians (for a New York Times full back-page Fri. or Sat. ad!)
b) The Spiritual State of the American Church in Top Priorities

2.  The GOSPEL (See Also: 18 Discipleship Topics/The Gospel)
a) Printable Tract
b) Salvation “Follow-Up” Materials (on back)

3.  Great Commission Completion Statistics

4.  WHY Evangelize? (Motivation for Evangelism)
a) Biblical Motivation
b) On Hell (a POWERFULLY practical Sermon for ALL to hear in Sunday School)

5.  Excuses for Not Evangelizing (Refuted)

6.  Suggested Pastor Methods to Evoke Lay Evangelism

7.  Local Church Plan of Evangelism (within a 3 Mile Radius of their Building, ASAP)
a) Local Church Evangelism plan…
b) Church-Wide Discipleship Survey
c) Church-Wide Evangelism Survey
d) Personal Evangelism Plan

8.  A PRACTICAL PLAN for Global Great Commission COMPLETION Within 3 years.
a) Bible-Based Plan for Great Commission Completion
1] The Plan
2] World-Wide Evangelism Needs
3] Great Commission Completion Needs Flow Chart
b) General Foreign Missions Strategies
c) Strategies to Open Countries
d) Strategies to Closed Countries (ex.: the 10/40 Window)
e) 25 Evangelism Principles I Believe in (for Great Commission FULFILLMENT)
f) Strategy Considerations for Great Commission COMPLETION
g) A Global Plan Utilizing Only the Current 5%

9.  Contact Us (Comments, Questions, Conversions and Speaking Opportunities)

10.  About Us (Credentials of the Author)
a) Personal Testimony
b) Ministry Experience (Professional and Private)
c) Educational Background
d) References

11.  Evangelism Methods (Including “World Event” Suggestions)

12.  APOLOGETICS: The Top 223 Questions Answered and Referenced
a) Simple Apologetic Responses to “Intellectual” Questions.
b) Simple Responses to Other Religions (2 of 3)

Part Two:

12.  APOLOGETICS: The Top 223 Questions Answered and Referenced (con't.)
c) Apologetic ANSWERS to 223 Questions (Researched and Referenced)
Numbers 1-89

Part Three:

12.  APOLOGETICS: The Top 223 Questions Answered and Referenced (con't.)
c) Apologetic ANSWERS to 223 Questions (Researched and Referenced)
Number 90-215

Part Four:

12.  APOLOGETICS: The Top 223 Questions Answered and Referenced (con't.)
c) Apologetic ANSWERS to 223 Questions (Researched and Referenced)
Number 216-223

13.  God Bless the Evangelists!

14.  Biblical Evangelism Theology
a) Evangelism Theology
b) Evangelism Ethics (“Manner”)
c) Evangelism, Prayer and the Sovereignty of God

15.  Disclaimers and Objections (to This Web Site)
a) Allegations I May Face (Addressed), including:
b) “Negative-Tending Verses of the Bible” (Our Need for a Prophetic Word)

16.  Why Read the Bible? (Including How to Principles of Biblical Interpretation)
a) 27 Reasons to Read the Bible
b) Principles of Biblical Interpretation

17.  Pointers for Prayer (Principles for Effective, Answered Prayers)

18.  Why be Totally Committed to Jesus Christ?

19.  The “Upsides” and Downsides to Being a Carnal Christian

20.  Quiet Time: The Personal Way to Holiness (a focused Bible Reading Schedule)
a) Why Have a Quiet Time?
b) Quiet Time Format and Facets (i.e., How To’s)
c) Homework: First Quiet Time assignments
d) Recommended Reading Schedule for New Believers

21.  Scripture Memory: The Destructively Ignored Practice
a) Scripture Memory Plan (“Best” Verses Identified)
b) Old Testament Highlights

22.  “Body Life:” The Corporate Relationships We Need

Part Five:

22.  “Body Life:” The Corporate Relationships We Need (con't.)

23.  “Relational Discipleship:” the BEST Method for Maturing Up Believers!

24.  The 18 Most Important Discipleship Subjects (for Every Christian to learn)
1. Discipleship
2. The Gospel
a) Gospel
b) Three Tenses of Salvation
c) Three Tenses Terminology
d) Water Baptism

3. Salvation Requirements
a) Additions to Faith (Baptism, Confession, Works, Tongues, “Second Blessing,”
    Endurance, Other Traditions; On Repentance, Surrender and Faith Alone)
b) On Saviorhood Salvation
c) What Saviorhood Salvation is NOT
d) Bibliography on Saviorhood vs. Lordship Salvation
e) Salvation By Faith Verses
f) Misstatements of the Gospel (Representative Sample)

4. Eternal Security (Including the Assurance of Salvation)
5. Quiet Time: Bible Study (Why and How to Study the Bible)
6. Quiet Time: Prayer (How to Effectively Pray and Why)
7. Faith-Walking
a) Faith Walking (Defined and How-To’s)
b) Mind-Renewal
c) Claiming Promises
8. Identity and Inheritance in Christ
a) Our Identity
b) Our Inheritance
9. Lordship Commitment
10. God’s Will (Spirit-Filled and Led Living 4 Types of Men)
a) God’s Will (Defined and Discovered)
b) Spirit-Filled and Led (vs. Carnality)
c) Four Types of Men
11. Grace Living
a) Grace (i.e., Liberty vs. Legalism or Lawlessness
b) Gray Areas
c) On “All Things Lawful”
12. Tough Times: Trials, Temptation and Suffering (and Other Challenges)
13. Spiritual Warfare (Weapons, Victory in Christ, Devil Schemes, What It is Not)

Part Six:

13. Spiritual Warfare (Weapons, Victory in Christ, Devil Schemes, What It is Not)
14. Doctrine I (God/Trinity, Christ, Holy Spirit, Bible, Salvation/Sanctification)
15. Doctrine II (Man, Sin, Devil, Demons, Angels, Church, Prophecy)
16. Spiritual Gifts (Theology and Identification)
17. Spiritual Gifts (Used in Biblical Ministry, Body Life and the Ideal Church)
18. Evangelism (and Follow-Up)

Spiritual Anatomy
Godly Relationships
Fear of God

Part Seven:

The Obedience of Faith
Worship and Fellowship
Biblical Giving
“Body Life”
Discipleship Homework: 20 Memory Verses

25.  Doctrinal Statement

26.  Appendix A: Doctrinal Problems that can Negatively Affect Evangelism
a) Lordship Salvation Errors (Condensed)
b) Relationship Evangelism Errors (Condensed)
c) Calvinism and Arminianism Errors (Condensed)
d) Charismatic Theology Errors (Condensed)

27.  Appendix B: Free Materials For Evangelism (Coming Later)

28.  Giving Opportunities (to Complete the Great Commission!)
a). to This Ministry (3 Ways)
b). $375 per Church to the Great Commission Completion ‘Financial Warehouse’

29. Bibliography

30. “Gospel Signs” Pictures

Part Eight:

30. “Gospel Signs” Pictures - con't.

Part Eight:

30. “Gospel Signs” Pictures - con't.

Part Nine:

30. “Gospel Signs” Pictures - con't.

Part Ten:

30. “Gospel Signs” Pictures - con't.

Part Eleven:

30. “Gospel Signs” Pictures - con't.

Part Twelve:

30. “Gospel Signs” Pictures - con't.

Part Thirteen:

30. “Gospel Signs” Pictures - con't.


I was saved at age eight and became totally committed to Christ at age eighteen.

Having experienced the gracious love of a persistent Christian as a Freshman in College, who showed me interest and kept insisting I have a Quiet Time with him, my somewhat rebellious will finally consented. Though having gone to church all my life, for the first time I understood that my relationship with Jesus was to be maintained and developed, and that Christ-like character grows from meeting with Him daily, in Bible study and prayer. That intimacy SURPASSED the value of all lessons and sermons I had ever been taught!

After about a month, my commitment to this pleasurable investigation grew, and during the last three years of College, Bible study frequently lasted 3 or more hours a day. It helped to seriously date a gal whose denominational beliefs differed from mine, and whose father challenged me to prove-up what I believed and did not believe!

Shortly thereafter God called me into professional ministry. In 1982, I attended Seminary and earned a Master of Divinity degree in Missions-Evangelism from Southwestern Seminary. Later I studied Theology and New Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary.

In 1981 God called me (i.e., laid on my heart) to write a Commentary on the New Testament, which I have researched and written the past 25 years. Now over 5,000 pages long, the Commentary is a verse-by-verse interpretation, explaining various interpretive options, and describing the most likely and best choices, given standard hermeneutical principles, with reasons given for such choices, and extolling both the positives and negatives of the various alternative interpretations.

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